Diabetes and Obesity are at an all time high!

The root cause to most weight problems and chronic diseases almost always include to much insulin being produced.  Insulin has been linked to cancer, blindness, heart disease, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Learning how to lower your insulin levels naturally is one of the best habits you can put in to your daily routine. Eating your meals spaced 4 – 5 hours apart is a great early intervention to help treat this condition and repair your metabolic pathways. 

Reducing Insulin Levels – Transcript

This is the last before and after but I do want you guys to see this is  real stuff, these are real people, every one of these people lives in East Orlando, they’re all in the 32828 zip code, every one of them has come out here weekly just to get a little bit of information, get a little bit of accountability and this is what happened, this is West Milks, he’s an engineer up at Lockheed and he just killed it!

So here they are, this is 8-simple steps, you take 300-diets, you break them down you look at the peer-reviewed research you see what the common denominators are, there are more, there’s well over a hundred strategies and I can give you everything that you need on that but here are the eight that almost all of them share, even the Twinkie diet is on this, it falls into this category except for one.

So, I’m going to start with the first one here, this is a crucial thing to get here okay, so there’s two things you need to understand about fat burning is that when insulin is high in the body, has  everyone heard of insulin, so diabetics that people who are diabetic are not either hearing the insulin and using it insulin is designed to put the sugar into the cell to give the cell energy.

Type 1 diabetes your body stops making insulin there’s nothing I can do about that yet not until the stem cell and the PRP starts with a little  more research, but type 2 diabetes phenomenal results, type 2 diabetes happens because the insulin level stays high and then the cells begin to swell so they actually can’t hear the message that the insulin says to the cell.

So insulin puts sugar into the for sugar into the cell if the membranes around the cell become inflamed or the transmission to the communication between insulin to the cell isn’t happening then that’s where, this happens type-2 diabetes comes in and then insulin levels rise and then blood sugars rise, that’s when we have a problem that causes all kinds of things; cancer, heart disease, peripheral neuropathy, fingers and toes fall off, people go blind, that’s what happens as an end result of that.

This concept right here, this is what I’m I recommend. You want to eat your meals four to five hours apart three meals a day every one of you, if you really want to trigger this very quickly. Now if you’re in great shape or you know if you’ve really mastered your metabolism and you know what it takes to burn four and five pounds you know it means that you don’t you have to gain a little weight, you very passed this point that means that you already understand and mastered your metabolism, if you’re having a hard time with the belly fat or your insulin levels are high or your sugar levels are high, you eat three meals four to five hours apart and here’s why.

See this one the left, so the green line that’s your blood sugar, this left one here is blood sugar this right one over here is insulin.

When you go to the doctor what did he measure on you? He measured your blood what? Your blood sugar glucose sugar, correct, so what they look at here is they say okay, you see how it spikes up at fifteen to thirty minutes after a meal, they can give you sugar water and you drink it and then they test your blood and see how high your sugars are, the sugar gets above 190 and it doesn’t fall back down in the next hour, they say you have diabetes, that’s what, that’s how they diagnose you.

Now look what happens in normal people though you see the green line it falls down and even in obese people who are not diagnosed with diabetes, it spikes up and the blood sugar levels come back down, that’s a normal reaction, so you can basically still be 400-pounds in terrible health and your blood sugar still comes back to normal but that’s how we diagnose diabetes, so you see the challenge here?

This over here this is measuring blood insulin levels, so when insulins high in the body you don’t burn fat, I want you to get this, but insulin is high in your body you don’t burn what? Fat, when insulin is high you don’t burn what?

Audience: Fat

Yes, so most of these supplements you see online or what these programs are doing, all they’re doing is bringing in some levels down, that’s it, HCG diets low calorie diets insulin level the drop in insulin, that’s all they’re doing watch what happens here if you eat a meal the Green Line now is normal size people the red line is obese people watch what happens when you eat a meal the insulin level spikes up in a healthy metabolism fifteen to thirty minutes later it starts to drop back down, it still stays high it’s it can spike up with a little bit of digestion, you get to about 120-minutes you get to 90 an hour and a half two hours after the meal, the insulin levels have dropped in normal way people, look at the red line, it doesn’t start to drop until two to three hours after you eat with insulin problems.

So, if insulin is how you don’t burn what if you’re eating a meal every two to three hours and your insulin stays high you’re not going to burn what?

Audience: Fat

That’s right, so you ever hear people who are saying oh my gosh! I’m eating great, I work on the three, you see them they work on the three meal all the time but they’re not burning any fat, the problem is not that they’re not exercising and he might even be eating healthy but their metabolism is screwed up, there’s 4,000 pathways that your body has to deal with sugar fat and proteins.

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