Complete Body Transformation in 3 Easy Steps

Body transformation is not a one-step process and there is no “magic pill”. Our proven 3-step process helps you succeed when other programs have failed.

The 3 Steps

The following steps help insure you make a lasting change in your life as well as your weight!


Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult it just needs to be consistent. This step is about finding what exercise works for you.


Great tasting nutrition is the solution to never dieting again! This step is about customizing a healthy meal plan that you’ll enjoy.


A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life. This step is about holding you accountable and giving you the support you need. 

What Clients Are Saying...

The 3 Steps for Complete Body Transformation


Exercise doesn’t have to be hard. It should be FUN & SIMPLE. Whatever it is you like to do that moves your body is where we start.  You and your coach will find something fun and easy.


What we eat determines the effectiveness of our metabolism.  Our program is designed to simplify your food choices to focus on delicious and nutritious foods you love.


After 35,000 patients the most influential tool our program has over any other is our coach’s ability to hold you accountable.  With 24/7 access you will have a motivated expert in your corner to help you make progress every day.

About Dr. Baldasare

Dr. Brent Baldasare first experienced a major health crisis after a paralyzing college football injury. His injury ignited something deep within to learn everything he could about improving human performance and accelerate body transformation.

Brent holds a B.S. in Human Performance from Ursinus College (graduating at the top of his class), post graduate nutrition training at Cornell University, advanced training in Human Needs Psychology from the Center for Strategic Intervention and a Doctorate from Life University School of Chiropractic (again graduating at the top of his class).
He is also a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, American Chiropractic Association and Psychology Today.

He is also the author of several best selling books, including: The Nutrition Cure60 Days To A New YouThe Chiropractic Care Guide and The Great American Food Fight.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

The 3 step program is customized for each individual. We take into account 3 things:

  1. The amount of weight loss needed.
  2. Commitment level of the client.
  3. Budget.  
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