Dr. Brent Baldasare is an expert in chiropractic, total body transformation, regenerative medicine, nutrition, and advanced behavioral modification techniques.

“My emotional paycheck is getting to be a part of a person’s story of recovery.”

– Dr. Brent Baldasare


You don’t have to go through life feeling frustrated or hopeless. Even though you have faced disappointment, you have to know within yourself that you are capable of experiencing so much more vibrancy than maybe what you’re feeling now. Sometimes just getting around people who have decided to do more about their health or want more as they enter a new stage of life, is enough to help someone get back on track to what they already know they should be doing.

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In 1993, Dr. Baldasare was a private college All-American and the captain of the Ursinus College Football team. Over the course of a sixteen-year career, he suffered many injuries. On the last game of his senior year, he sustained a paralyzing lower back injury that left him unable to walk. He was told by the team’s Orthopedic Surgeon that he would need an operation to repair the damage to his spine and would most likely never be active again. 

Here's What People Are Saying About Dr. B's Latest Book

“The Great American Food Fight is a must read for all.”
–US Reviews

“The Great American Food Fight is a brilliant and thoughtful look at what’s gone wrong and why millions of people are suffering needlessly. And it s a powerful invitation to step into a new food future. This looks like a book. But in reality, it could be a game changer for you and for our planet.”
–Ocean Robbins

“The Great American Food Fight by Dr. Brent Baldasare is an eye-opening book on the topic of food and diet. In its pages you will discover what we can do to restore consumer choice within American communities and eat healthier in the process. The Great American Food Fight is a book you should read and a battle we all should be engaged in.”

— Jordan Rubin, NMD, PhD

“Wow!!  Everyone should be reading this book and learn what is being kept from us by the “Big” food companies. People should be up in arms about what they are doing to our food supply. A must read!”

— Amazon Kindle Customer

Just like “The Jungle” but in nonfiction form, this book exposes the cringe-worthy reality of today’s food processing and food growing industries. If you’ve ever questioned what’s in your food, why it’s in your food, and what you can do to fix it, this is the book for you! An especially important read for parents and families aiming for a healthier lifestyle.”

— Amazon Customer

A ton of information in this book, much of it eye-opening and disturbing, but all of it practical enough that you’ll return to it again and again. The author’s goals are to expose the dangers in industrial food and to turn eaters into activists. I especially liked the “Eating in the Meantime” sections which conclude each chapter and makes suggestions for smarter shopping and safer, more nutritious eating.”

— Alison (Orlando)

Learn How to Win the Battle For Your Family's Health

“This is a major exploration into our modern food system and what it’s doing to our health, our economics, and our families. Please allow me to share the results with you. It’s truly astonishing what has happened.” – Dr. Brent Baldasare

Hard copies can be ordered from Amazon. Bring it to any event and Dr. B will be more than happy to sign it for you!