Sugar vs. Cocaine – Dr. Brent Baldasare

Speaker: When they do MRI’s and you see a normal brain, it has a central area laid up and then you give a person cocaine and you give a person sugar, if you notice in the MRI scans right here, it actually innervates the same part of the brain. So how difficult is that if you basically have told your children or your children now have access to all this food all over and they can trigger the same part of the brain that cocaine does just by eating something that has a chemical structure to it, does that concern you a little bit? Yeah, it should but here’s what w do, especially my family. You know I could beat my head against the wall all day trying to tell my kids not to have foods that are good for this them, this has to start with you. So if you’re a parent in this room and you’re trying to get your kids to really follow something strong, you need to be the leader on this and again, sugar is how much? How many grams for women?


Audience: Twenty five.


Speaker: How many for how many grams for men?


Audience: Eight.


Speaker: How many people are going to have more than that tonight? Fruit was given to us, high antioxidants, high enzymes, the catch to that is you don’t have to count the sugar from your fruit. The catch is it has to – well it should be organic but you need to eat the whole fruit. That means that you can’t – like you can’t like juice the apple up, take the skin off and juice the apple up. You can’t just take the orange and squeeze the juice and drink that. The way that fruit is designed from the ground up is it actually has the perfect balance of fiber to counter out the sugar inside the fruit. So how to reckon you had a fruit – that means your apple does not count towards sugar. The problem when you eat out, or the problem when you get a lot of foods that are processed or for foods that are in boxes, is that level of salt is insane. So the studies show this, is that 1513 – 1500 milligrams [inaudible 00:01:45] to round off, 1500 milligrams a day, if you are having a challenge losing your belly fat, you can move all the way up to 2300 milligrams a day if you’ve got a healthy metabolism and you’re working out.


Now it’s inevitable that somebody did come up to me afterwards and say “hey, you know, pink salt Himalayan and sea salt is better for you” or you know, “salt’s good for you, should have salt” and you’re correct but salt is only good for you if your body’s going to use it. So if you’re sitting on a couch and you’re not working out and you’re not sweating and you’re not moving, then that extra salt causes havoc. You ever put metal and salt, it’s corrosive. It’s the same as that in your body. Now it also builds up electrolytes so if you’re working out then you’ll use them, but if you’re not and you’re just, you know, on a sedentary lifestyle, then it’s 1500 to 2300 milligrams. Here’s the catch, who asked about going out eating and eating at a restaurant? Are you a confrontational person or do you just let things slide by?


Unknown speaker: It depends if I’m hungry.


Speaker: All right, it depends on how hungry you are. Good answer. So when you go to a restaurant – and my wife is celiac so we have to do this and it’s got uncomfortable but now I will prefer it, you always want to ask them to prepare your meal without salt, and then season it when it comes to the table. The average chicken breast in a restaurant is 2,000 milligrams of sodium. And I’m not a big fan of buying these low salt, low fat products until somebody opened my eyes to – what they actually do is the chicken that comes out of China or the chicken that comes out of some of these other countries, they’re allowed to inject it with saline solution, and they don’t do it for flavor.


They say it’s extra flavor but you know they do it for? To pump up the pound into the chicken – so now the chicken that weighs, you know, a pound one when it’s just raw, the way it is, now weighs a pound and a half, per breast and if you Google this, on YouTube, you’ll literally a lady sitting with a bucket, she’s sucking up the saline solution shooting in and the chicken, it just pops open like that. So in this case to save money and to save health, you want to go get a low-sodium chicken breast and we found them at Publix, and Whole Foods has a great organic one also.