Choose Glass to Avoid Cancer – Dr. Brent Baldasare

So one-third your body weight in water is what you should be drinking, up to a one-half would really be ideal. How many people here think they’re getting about half of their body weight ounces of water?

Excellent, excellent, excellent, beautiful, and I appreciate the rest of us for being honest. Usually I’m about one-third to one-half but if you’re a big guy, like if you weigh 200 pounds, the challenge is how do you get a hundred ounces of water in?


So I do recommend that you actually go buy one of these water bottles that cost like 30 or 40 bucks. You see the big bottles, you see the big glass bottles, do not buy plastic. We don’t want you drinking out of plastic. All these plastic water bottles you’re drink out, I’m sitting up here drinking out of plastic water bottle so I get the irony of the statement. Once in a while it’s not going to kill you, but if you’re drinking plastic water bottles on a daily basis then you’re going to have some challenges.


There was a scientist that basically her job was to study rats and she was looking for infertility in rats and she was measuring tumor growth. When the lab was closed the maintenance man will come in, the cleaning crew will come in, and he was a very overzealous – he took a lot of pride in his job. He would actually go in and clean the inside of these plastic bins where they actually kept the rats. And the studies all the sudden when they got this new cleaning crew just went crazy and all the rats were becoming full of tumors and their estrogen balances were going off and they’re becoming infertile. And after like eight months to a year figure out trying to figure out what happened, we already have the data because she was doing the studies on the rats, it turns out it was the BPA which is in a plastic container that also mimics estrogen hormone which causes thyroid disease disease, which causes metabolic syndrome, which causes cancer, which causes a whole plethora of problems. So not to add more to your list of things not to do, but the plastic, you do not want to be drinking out of plastic water bottles, and you also don’t want to be heating your food up in the microwave with plastic. So your best bet for that is glass. Go back to the old school, go back to glass.