Artificial Sweeteners – Dr. Brent Baldasare

Speaker: Alright. So the next one here, this is tough. This is tough. If you follow number one where you take your meals four to five hours apart and you’re having your snack in between, it’s going to serve you well. You’ll do very well with that. If you follow the sugar recommendations, if you just follow those you’re going to do amazing. If you follow this one here where this is where you want to pull the additives out, the artificial sweeteners and the colors, and let me tell you why. How many people here think artificial sweeteners are good alternative to sugar? Good. Wow, small crowd. Alright so most people I see, a lot of people feel like “If I’m not getting the sugar in, I’m going to have the artificial sweetener”. Artificial sweeteners, it was a miracle if they ever passed through the FDA. They literally change bring function. But what it does to you is this, is when the body taste sweeteners come in, it’s automatically to make the insulin level rise because you think that sugar is about to hit. So the sugar level never rises but the incidence level stays high. When your insulin is how you don’t burn what?


Audience: Fat.


Speaker: Yes. So even though you’re not getting the sugar in, your artificial sweeteners already convinced your brain that it’s coming, insulin goes high so you don’t burn fat. Yep. And the next thing is what the color, the food colorings. Everybody used to think – I know I did and my mom used to think that when we – our kids went to these birthday parties and they were all sugared up with the cake and they came home and they were bouncing off the walls and they were going nuts all over the place it was sugar, we’ve all had that experience? It turns out that Psychology Today released an article that’s probably late 90s, it turns out it wasn’t in the sugar – I mean it has an effect on it but it was really more of the food coloring.

It was the Red Dye #40s, it was red dyes blue. It was all these dyes. Well they also found this out, not only did it affect their behavior but it also affected their mental capacity in the future. It also affects cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer and that’s what your M&Ms are.